Valerie Bobbett Gardner currently teaches violin as the director of the Gardner
Violin Academy in Winder, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.  Many of her summers
as a youth were spent at the Meadowmount School of Music where she studied
with Ivan Galamian and Michael Avasharian, Jr.  She earned her Bachelor of
Music degree at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, PA, where she was
a student of Jascha Brodsky.  She then earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at
the Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, as a student of Sidney Harth.  
Following graduation, she and her husband Warren moved to Atlanta where she
was a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for several years before
"retiring" to fulfill her dream of investing her life in private violin teaching, and to
raise their family of five children.  Valerie taught violin to their four daughters who
have all followed their mother in becoming professional violinists and teachers.

Contact Information:     vwpress@gmail.comG
Valerie Gardner
September 2006